• New quest system again! This one is called BetonQuest, and it will allow for much more creative, seamless quest experiences.
  • Purchaseable heads! Type /head or /heads to see all the heads you can buy. There are over 1,000 of them, and there will be more added all the time!
  • Arrow Trails! All donors and staff now have access to particle effect trails that stick to your arrows as they fly. Type /arrow to get started with using them!
  • Hats! You can now wear all sorts of awesome and/or silly things on your head. Type /hat to see what's available. More hats are going to be added on a rolling basis, so be sure to check the list of hats often!
  • Reverted back to the Pixel Reality resource pack. The one we were using was causing client-side lag on many people's computers. Pixel Reality is a lower resolution (which means it runs faster), but still looks great.
  • Write notes to yourself! Type /note <text> to leave yourself a note or a reminder, and then type /noteview to see your notes later. Never again will you forget where that abandoned mineshaft was, or who you invited to your town, or whatever else!
  • Editing the pose of an armor stand is now possible! Type /editarmorstand (or /eas for short) to get started. Make all sorts of epic poses and show them off to others!
  • Liquid Tanks! This is a really cool one. You can now make a Liquid Tank and store stuff inside it. Here's how to craft one:
    Try to make one and see what kind of liquids (or other things...) you can put inside!




  • Build Battle is functioning again! We're still working on some issues that are causing matches to start with only 3 or 4 players at a time... but hey, if it works at all, that's better than before!
  • Issues with armor not being able to be removed should be fixed. Key words "should be".




  • Automated Creative and Donor Plot assignments. The system for this works great, we just need to manually copy and paste every single existing plot over to a new world before we can enable it. Which is taking a very long time.
  • Something really, really big...