• New quests plugin - ProQuests! The one we tried before was pretty lame. This one is way better. More and better quests will be available in the next 24 hours after this update post.
  • Fancy chat is now even fancier. You can now hover your mouse cursor over people's names, prefixes, and suffixes in order to see more details.




  • The live map on the website has had 1.11.x blocks added, and will now perform much better due to several internal cleanups.
  • PVP, CTF, Zone Domination, and Parkour arenas will no longer duplicate off-hand items.
  • Issues with inventories not being restored upon arena matches ending have been resolved.
  • CTF arenas will now give you a wool head again when you are holding a flag.
  • PVP, CTF, Zone Domination, and Parkour arenas will no longer drop duplicate items when players lose their last life.
  • Custom banners will now show their names properly when used with /showitem.
  • Mob Arenas will now set a default class, so you will no longer have to wait for all players to pick a class before being able to start the match.
  • Mobs in Mob Arena will no longer pick up dropped items.




  • Mob Arena update - we now have access to a feature that could let us make an arena that lets you use your own items. Exciting!