• New command: /showitem. Now you can show the item you're holding to people without having to drop it! Usage details:
    • /showitem - Show the item you're holding to people within 10 blocks of you.
    • /showitem <player> - Show the item you're holding to a specific player only.
    • /showitem -w - Show the item you're holding to all players in the same world as you.
    • /showitem -all - Show the item you're holding to everyone on the server.
  • New major feature - QUESTS! This is still a big work-in-progress, so there isn't much to see yet. But the system is in place and it works well! Head to the Vendor Area at The Train Station to see what we have ready so far.
  • MobArena is back! There are two arenas available - /ma join 3 and /ma join Temple. More arenas, features, and mobs (including BOSS MOBS) on the way soon!
  • New server resource pack - Lithos! This resource pack is much smoother and less cartoon-ish than the previous one. The text font is also way easier to read!




  • All PVP, CTF, Zone Domination, and Parkour arenas have had scoreboards re-enabled.
  • All PVP, CTF, Zone Domination, and Parkour arenas have had their end-of-round routines configured for better performance and less lag. This means that lag spikes at the end of arena matches should be small or none.
  • Storm Crystal drop rates have been balanced and adjusted.
  • Behind-the-scenes improvemnts to chat rendering have resulted in a major performance boost.




  • Entity/Animal locking! That's right, you will soon be able to lock animals and other entities just like you lock chests and doors.
  • GUI-based player shops are still in the works. There is a current issue with the shop system thinking everyone has 0 coins. This isn't the case, so we're trying to figure out why the shop system thinks that and how to actually get it to read how many coins each player has.
  • New worlds are still in the works. We'll keep you updated as to when and where they will be, how to migrate things from existing worlds before they're archived, and any other relevant info. Don't worry, you will have a very long time to migrate before old worlds are archived, and it will be very, very easy to do so.
  • Land claiming will return soon, but in a new, exciting form. We can't wait to show you what we've been working on to replace the old land claim system.
  • Did someone say skills...?