• Storm Crystals are a new custom item that will drop very rarely from ores, obsidian, stone, and hostile mobs. They can be used at the new Vendor Area inside The Train Station (accessible via the /hub command) in order to upgrade tools, weapons, and armor to have very high stats.
  • The new Vendor Area inside The Train Station is now open! Come inside to find merchants to buy/sell from, ways to upgrade your items, and more. There isn't much there now, but more is on the way!
  • Player Shops are now a thing! Type /shops to access the shop interface and to create your very own shop. It's very self-explanatory - be sure to read all of the words it tells you after you type the command. You can also rent bigger shop space and pay more coins to become a Featured Player Shop in the list.
  • New Server Resource Pack has been implemented! We're going back to a previous pack, called Paper Cut Out, that was super popular previously on Intercraften. Click the name of the pack to go download it yourself for single-player!
  • Jobs and Economy Reset - Due to the nature of how our new economy-related features work, it was required to reset all jobs and coins to their default values. This helps ensure that the server economy will be balanced and fair into the future. Keep in mind that the other new features make it easier to get lots of coins, so it shouldn't take long to gain back what you had.
  • New command: /shrug. Fun times.




  • Users who did not have permission to use wing trails after receiving them from completing the Halloween Event are now able to use them.
  • Users who were experiencing You're not allowed to purchase this item. errors are now able to donate to the server.
  • Users attempting to donate for Junior Donor [D2] and [D3] who were experiencing an Invalid variable error are now able to donate towards the respective donor ranks.
  • Attempting to store a horse in a saddle while you have a full inventory will now deny with an error message instead of dropping the saddle on the ground.
  • Shields will now keep banner designs - they were previously being erased upon reconnecting to the server.
  • Users who were experiencing You are not whitelisted! errors after disconnecting while in the Halloween Event are now able to log in to the server.
  • The leaderboards in The Train Station will no longer cause bits of lag when they refresh every 60 seconds.
  • The chat filter systems have been updated to be a little more lax when saying usernames with more than 3 repeated characters.




  • Hotfix for the Fisherman job to account for new fish types.
  • A complete Jobs overhaul, accounting for new blocks added to the game, and balancing coin/XP rewards to create a more fair server economy.
  • Once the server is able to update to Minecraft 1.11, a new set of survival worlds will be generated and old worlds will be gradually retired and archived. More on the world migration process in a future update.